FG-511 Standard Electric

This entry-level electric guitar has a nice compact body, one screaming humbucker, on-board tuner and one volume control.

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The Fretlight FG-511 is all about getting started fast and making music now!

No messing with various pickups, just plug in and play. The FG-511 sports our custom designed compact alder body that is connected to the same great Fretlight neck that all of our non-pro models use. The Fretlight neck includes our patented Advanced Polymer Fretboard and the worlds only built-in LED learning system. The JT-53 built-in tuner provides a convenient solution for fast, accurate tuning. The FG511 is finished with closed back tuners and a fixed bridge, which means you'll have consistent, low action and great playability. A two-way truss rod and fully adjustable bridge saddles give you complete adjustability for a playing experience that can only be described as pure heaven. And don't forget, the Advanced Polymer Fretboard and maple neck gives your tone a sustain that you've only dreamed about!

The NEW Fretlight FG-500 guitar sports some significant changes, all aimed toward making the Fretlight the world’s easiest guitar to play.

The FG-500’s electronics have been upgraded to an all-new Sonix Flash chipset, complete with on-board capability for future growth, and fully compatible with all existing Fretlight software. The new high efficiency electronics produce the brightest and most consistent LED lights ever. Whether you’re lighting a simple riff, or a scale across the entire fretboard, the lights will maintain a consistent brightness.

Additionally, all FG-500 guitars have a Stratabond™ neck. Stratabond is a state-of-the-art engineered hardwood that yields uncommon strength and rigidity across ever changing environmental conditions. Perfect for a guitar necks that are susceptible to expansion and contraction due to varying humidity levels. The FG-500’s Stratabond birch neck will provide very consistent performance for years to come.

The Fretlight lighted guitar learning system allows a player to light-up songs, over five thousand chords and scales patterns, and riffs right on the neck of the Fretlight guitar. The Fretlight connects to a PC or Mac and there are lessons, songs and interactive videos available which all light up the guitar.

Stratabond™ is a Trademark of the Rutland Corporation

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Customer Reviews

After I set it up MAN that guitar is really nice December 11th, 2012

Tim B. (Arizona)

I bought the 511 model. After I set it up MAN that guitar is really nice. Great action and tone. Once set up......its no toy by any means. I am impressed. The software blows me away also.

I was really surprised that this guitar plays so well. December 11th, 2012

James T. (Florida)

I was really surprised that this guitar plays so well. It sounds great through my Fender blues deluxe amp. The lights are easy to see and slowing down tablature is a dream come true. Wow, it made learning a new lick pretty easy. Thanks!

This guitar is amazing October 10th, 2012

Frederick L. (New Jersey)

This guitar is amazing – I just don’t get why Fretlight is not in every store. The guitar is solid and the light system has got me playing scales that I’d never thought I’d be able to play. Awesome!

 Your Fretlight purchase includes:

- 10 ft. Fretlight USB cable (Y connection for the Fretlight Dual Footswitch)

- Beginner 101/102 and Lennon & McCartney Guitar Play-Along Volume 1 interactive video lessons (as the teacher plays, the Fretlight lights up)

- Fretlight guitar software installation disk which includes:

- Fretlight Studio™ software

- Fretlight Owner's Manual (.pdf format)

- Truss rod and bridge saddle wrenches

- Guitar picks

The free Fretlight Studio software includes:

- 120 plus stylized progressions to solo with

- 120 plus interactive text-based beginner to advanced lessons

- 5000 plus chord and scale patterns

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